Sunday School Last Day is May 8th, Presentation by the Kids on May 15

We've had a great year of Sunday school. May 8th (Mother's Day) is going to be the last day of Sunday school, so be sure to be there! You don't want to miss the last snack. =)

Sunday, May 15, the kids will present two songs and several memory verses they have learned this year in Sunday school.

Children's Message About Light

Jim Green started the children's message by standing over in the bright sun and warming himself up.  He asked the kids why the sun feels so good.  "It's warm!" And then he asked them about how it is in the middle of the night when they have to get up to go the bathroom and it's really dark and a long way down the hall - do they feel better when they turn on the light? "Yes!"
"That's how it is with light - it warms us up, gets rid of the darkness - and you know who is even brighter and more powerful than the sun?"

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